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Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
when I'm older
and the sun has left my eyes
I'll understand why

Why hope can outlast depression
Why truth never changes
Why I can't refuse to believe
that everyone has some good in them.

Maybe when I'm dying
the color black finally winning
the light will enter
my mind will expand

Tell me why the rainbow's only after
the darkest cloud passes over
Tell me why even the sweetest melody
must have a deeper darker harmony
Tell me why the happiest person
also knows the pit of saddness

Maybe after I'm gone
my life just a flicker of faint fondness
People will look back and see
I try my best to overcome
to fight the fight and won.

Speak of me with love
Speak of me with a smile
Speak of me; never without mention of thee
They'll speak of you and me.

Maybe years from now
a thousand, or possibly two
I want people to still remember
that I deeply loved you.

_Olsen W. Potter_


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Who would say that you're not loved?
Who would have the courage to do that?
Who would want you to live a life unloved?

Who could say that I can't love?
Who would open their mouth so wide?
Whoever said it must be jealous,
They can't understand what we feel.

Then I want to say that you really are
a person extremely blessed.
Theres a poet, well at least he tries,
that loves you with his life.
Theres a painter that just thinks about you
everything he does, he does for you.

He tries to write, place the words in the right order,
but the love runs so deep that the words run away.
How can he write, or paint for that matter,
that which conveys the faithfulness, the happiness, and the passion?

And so he stays, without being able
painting a picture that can't show,
writing a poem that can't say,
everything he holds inside.

Now then, Whoever says that you're not loved
doesn't know anything at all.
Because this man loves you more then anyone else
he just doesn't know how to express...
I love you.

-Olsen W. Potter_


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Life sucks

This morning I woke up,
had no desire to leave my bed
I could feel today really would

But I had work to do, I had to go
so I got in my car and drove
hit a cat on my way
the blood splated against my wheels.

I called my girl, she was mad
I hadn't done all I could I guess
she treated me like a brazillian dirt
the lowest form of love there is.

So then I did my homework
I thought I would finish tonight
I was wrong, I got screwed
all by myself I trudge through.

My work, dont get me started
the kid peed on my shoe
then they took away my favorite
and gave to some loon.

What do I do now I ask?
Where do I go from here?
Why do I try to be happy?
Who can I turn to now?


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The dark
gathering, biding, lurking
waiting for a time to get me
get me all alone.

The vision I keep having
of myself attacking
those I love, those I treasure
and even my own self.

The fingers I keep losing
the blood I keep tasting
arising in the morning
a taste of steel rest in my memory.

Can you feel it?
the hot blood streaming down your body?
feel it cool, it congeal,
leaving traces of desperate wanting.

Stab in the heart, why aren't I dead?
The pain, like an ember,
sizzles and sears my soul
Again I ask, Why aren't I dead?!

-Olsen w. Potter-


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The Idea of doubt
There lingers in each of us
something like a passion,
a desire for that which we envision
a want to succeed, beat our fears into submission.

Doubt comes creeping, with a host full of friends
Lasiness, Cowardish, even Restlessness come along for the ride
they enter our minds, entertain our thoughts
with shows of utter disgrace.

Lasiness sits right next to you, whisper sweet rejections in your ear.
Cowardish just a row ahead, ducking at very action and whim.
Restlessness makes you go crazy, with her talk of enduring decit.
yet the worse of all of these ladies, is that of Miss Questioning.

She comes dressed in her best, she's out to kill
to remove any sign of intellagent life.
First she seduces, then she muses over the stress and the strife.
and before you can see
she's a rooted tree
sucking your enegry
and giving back nothing.

Friends, heed! Beware of her tricks
She will enter your house, and you'll never remove her
once you start with doubting
you can never ever win...

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Tis better to have loved

I lost the love of my life tonight,
what hollow darkness I am in.
yet come to mind, like doubt covered arrow,
is the phrase we all know within.

Tis better, I hear them start to say
I already shut my ears
It's like no one knows any other words
or else they're just blooming idiots.

I'm not trying to be mean
thats not my point
but dont you think that after 100 years
the same old phrase would go "Ka-put"?

Maybe I'm just depressed
singing some solitary sad song
tapping a tune to the absence of the moon
screaming out loud at the sun.

It does no good to pout
no good to sit and wallow
still, I dont feel a like walk in a golden meadow,
a red rampage of carnage is more desiring.

So when you hear some one say
I lost my love today,
say something useful, hopeful, and smart
something, anything, other then this
"Tis better to have loved and lost"!

-Olsen W. Potter-


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My Angel My Muse

Oh Angel of joy
of love & of serenity
come and linger
stay within my soul

Peace of heart
ripples in the sea of doubt
seek out my darkend face
from the ocean of self pity

Oh sweet angel
bless me with thy kiss
heal my wounds of instant pleasure
fill me with enduring delight

Touch of grace
heat against a flame of ice
revive my seared soul
return light to my desolate eyes

Oh angel of true love
Come! Come and linger!
release my mind of this calamity
stich together my severed heart.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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What a lonely poet feels

Eternity, what a dream,
What an idea to comfort hearts.
Time is an illusion
Love then. Doubly so.
Eternity, serenity, beauty,
mind games of a encrazed lover.

Eternity is a game of poets,
romances that defy common feelings.
They whose whords are writen well
Money, not happiness, is their goal.
Born from dust to live in lust
A life of common solitude.

What of it then? This "amor" this faith
It lacks blood, flesh, and heat.
Ideas can not steal away
The wounds from our dying trust
In a world where one minute pleasure rules
Faith is a thing let to rot.

So innocents of heart and blind of love
What dreams may come now?
The Hellish creatures of the drenching dark
Rulde with a sceptor of fear and doubt,
Dare you to think the light of love can win?

You reply "love onquers all"
And I sit and listen.
"Darkness is but a moment,"
You argue, "the dawning day will win."
"Of course, my friend, of course."
My comforting voice lies.

"Yes time is but a dream,
To a broken heart there is no dawn
Thus the endless night in wollow wins-
Love you say? You've found true love?
I congragulate you then.
But alas true love found you?

I do not mean to strike your dream
that would be very wrong-
But open your eyes and you shall see
In this world, love does not belong.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Luiz De Camoes: Sonneto De Amor
Amor é fogo que arde sem se ver;
É ferida que dói e não se sente;
É um contentamento descontente;
É dor que desatina sem doer;

É um não querer mais que bem querer;
É solitário andar por entre a gente;
É nunca contentar-se de contente;
É cuidar que se ganha em se perder;

É querer estar preso por vontade;
É servir a quem vence, o vencedor;
É ter com quem nos mata lealdade.

Mas como causar pode ser favor
Nos corações humanos amizade,
Se tão contrário a si é o mesmo Amor?

I love this poem. It talks about how love is a fire that doesnt burn, its wanting to be in prison , Its be carefull to win by losing yourself. One day I might tanslate it for you all, but for now I want you to enjoy it for its forgein tongue. Somethings lost in the translation.
-Olsen W. Potter-


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Like a Dog caught in the rain
my coat wet and cold
my heart
beats alone.

Like a sailor in a storm
flashing lights and darks
my soul
is endless stress .

Like a muse without a song
my inspiration gone and dry
my thoughts
are baren.

Like a ghost town at midnight
empty doors and passages
my eyes
are colorless.

Like a shadow of myself
full of hate and reget
my brain
alone I'm left....

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Would you Hold me?

If I caught the world in a bottle
and everything stood still beneath the moon,
what would it all matter if you did not love me?
If I were as smart as aristole,
and understand the things around the world,
with out your love would it still shine for me?

Here in your arms, where the world is impossibly still
where my million of dreams are fulfilled
and only thing that I fear
is the moment when holding you ends.

If I could tell you the meaning
of everything that goes around the sun
Why would it matter if you left me?
and If I want to hold you forever
safely in my arms covered in love
Would you want me?

Here in my arms, where all of your fears are subdued
where all things that matter are blurred
and I am the only thing.
Here in my arms, where you really want to be
where my love sets you free
and reality can not make our dancing end

If I could love you forever
and everything was ours because of love
what would it matter what the others say?
If I caught you in my love
and arms keep you safe from all the world
Would you hold me?
until this nightmare ends.....


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What is the Truth?

Your think I'm just a liar,
not lying to hurt but rather to heal,
Lies that make you feel better inside
But still, keeping from you the truth.

Only that I'm not lying
to you I only speak the truth
time and space are against us,
things happen to distort my loving words.

I don't know how much more I can take
I have a tear in my heart from your harsh words
I'm fraying into a lonely life
each time I hear you ask if it's true.

It's my fault I know, one lie and trust is broken
yet I promise I know that I can not
make up for that which lies in the past
how I wish I could change that.

I love you with all my heart
and in your heart I know you know.
Hope and Love are the builders of trust
if only blind pride didn't get in the way...

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Lets escape this sad reality,
come with me into my dreams
where the only thing that matters
is this love we share, you and me.

Lets escape from a world of sorrow
from a world where gravity shatters flight.
away into the sky I would take you
away sin and doubt.

Lets escape, runaway, flee from this monster
a monster that prohibites our destiny
destiny divine that showers us with love
come away with me, come away

Come into my world, the world I have made
for us to abide in sweet Venus's care
Cupid adores us, Hades resents us
because of this home that we share.

Home is where your heart lies
or so they say
but I believe home is where love
sets you free...

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Isn't water romantic? doesn't your heart beat in the myst? What better place could there be for two lovers, who dont want to be found?
Just around the corner from where my father grew up, there a small little town, with a small little road, but today there is no one around
so if we go through that town, and follow that road for awhile, we'll find at its end a place thats just ours....a waterfall long forgetten.
Come with me, please? Follow me there? It's where I have always dreamt I would ask my love to wed.
come with me? I'll meet you there, with a ring and a question to ask.... Come if your answer is yes....

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Love just is....

Love doesn't have reason for being
it just exists in each of us.
Love doesn't have an explanation
it just lingers all around us.

Searching for love, searching for hate
wanting warmth, yet finding ice.
They said put your past behind you
yet the past is like a head full of lice.

Never ridding ourselves of its pain
of its undesirable memory
How can we forget the lessons
learned in out infantry?

Poetry is nothing
just an escape from the blade
that blade that we call Love
that knife which we ourselves made.

Some people judge, others no
Judging relieves from us a certain void
finding fault in others releases our own guilt
those that don't judge, are always with themselves annoyed.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Death by Stars:
Rushing feeling of boiling hate,
Fleeing my brain through my fingertips.
Death by Stars, Burial by Space.
Brock making fun of me
because of my homeworks fate.

Who cares what he thinks?
I know people read my blog
ok, maybe not at many as his
but I'm new, I'm refreshing,
I'm a work of bloody art!

Who needs comments?
Who wants glory?
I write because I want to
not to receive some man given trophy
Writing is a gift from god,
and as said by Mary Poppins
"Screw 'em!"

Laughing my head off
joys of forgetten friends
write and write and write and write
really who cares what a blog says?
I do.....
-Olsen W. Potter_


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Blood, Hate, Anger, Lust
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Feelings of a lonely life
Colors that only sinister see.

Steel cold heart, even colder emotion
Freezing hope in my icy veins
Love is broke with an empty stare
How could heat even dare to enter here?

Romance is dead, buried along with joy
Solitude is the only thing left to my reason
Worthy friends are next to none
and those that I have, well they run, run, run

Running red, a pool in my hand
A pleasure pain releasing adrenaline
Green feeling, Envy of the dead
When will this oddity end?

Yellow sun, rising hope, what a head ache
Hatred of the day, a passion for the night
Blue eyes of dulling energy, lifelessness filling my heart
Who want this life? Who wants.......
-Olsen Potter-


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This is my inside when I'm feeling sad, odd isn't it? how someone can dream of Love undying and yet still have so much pain inside. Posted by Picasa


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You dont think I'm able
to live in this world without you
That its your love that keeps me going
Well I know that I am capable

Love like water is nesscary to live
Your love is like wine
I dont want to lose that sweet taste
But water will suit me fine

So you think you've won me over
that I'm just your servant or slave
Well my mind wont agree to that
so I dont think that I will behave

I'm capable of life, I'm capable of love
I can do whatever I believe I can
And I dont need you to back me up

-Olsen Potter-


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I am free like the wind, yet imprisoned like a dog
I can love with my heart, and hate with my passion.
I feel the heat of blood, running down my wrist
My needs are filled, yet I know not satisfaction.

I am empty with no knowlegde, wisdom shines in my eyes
I am like the blade that I hold in my hand
Cold to the touch, sharp against skin
In the end my body will obey my command.

Red, drying red... that blur enters my senses
Everyone will be green with envy of me
Purple gowns and golden crowns are awaiting
in a world where no sadness will be...

-Olsen Potter-


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This is Demecca Mystic. She is very loving, caring and kind. Her tattoo is a symbol of the West Wind, embodying her free spirit. Posted by Picasa


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This is Elphaba again, just I didnt like the way she looked. She was mean and ugly, not the character I thought Wicked described. Posted by Picasa


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This is Elphaba, I hate her hat, and she has no hair, but still I think she looks "Wicked." Posted by Picasa


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This is Cairenn Lasair, the main character of my novel/musical Posted by Picasa


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Hello Everyone,
Brock told me that I need to "spice up" my Blog abit because poety is just plain dull. so I have decided to start posting some of my 3d pictures as well as updating you all on the overall status of my book/musical. Aren't you all exicted? Anyway I'll keep you all updated with more then just poety from now on so that you actully comment on my blog rather then just read and then move on.
Yours Truly
-Olsen Potter-


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Words on a page, emotions anew
Releasing the tension, purging the blue
feelings of life, relaxing the mind
in a world of make believe.

Anger runs rampant, yet nothing it hurts
Invy can thrive, until your heart bursts
Love can soar high in the unlimited sky
its all in our mind, words on a page

The pen and the paper, gods greatest gift
to those who master the language of myths
unlocking a teasure, the secret of youth
words live on forever, immortalizing our lives.

Words are just pictures, symbols, and cues,
that mix our emotions, passions, and hues,
by which we see life through untainted eyes
the poet, our master, our true guide in life.

Unheated passion, a boring emotion,
brought to mean something, with the right description,
can unlock in ourselves the love that we feel
or by chance we look deeper, and find our true selves.

Words are nothing, just stuff on a page
but strangely enough they make our lives change
we must be careful in writing, in scribing our thoughts
the effect is unknown, what might they cause?

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Do I Dare to Dream?

Why should I dream of love so strong?
What makes me sing a heartfelt song?
Why would one such as myself,
Ever find what lacks for everyone else?

Dare to dream, what is that?
To dream of hope and faith and joy
To dream a dream that never ends
and wake up to find I'm broken again?

Take that chance, that so called leap
Into what is the unknown Keep
Of anothers warmth and anothers peace
Why not just keep it all for me?

To dream is to wound your heart
with scars that never heal
Dreaming steals from us our own self's part
and robs us of our youthful zeal.

So do I dare to dream this night
of love that never ends?
Why, yes my friends, I dare I do,
for at least in my dreams
I find my own Happiness.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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The Warmth of an Embrace

I stand today again alone
Standing once more on my own
Yesterday were with me
What a sight you were to see
You embraced me in your loving arms
and I laughed at all your silly charms
But yesterday is always just a memory
never more will it be...
Yet in my mind I can see
and hope for the eternies.
-Olsen Potter-


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A Fools Heart

I breathe, my heart strangely mixed,
with joy so great and yet
I half guard myself from hoping
that this dream of mine is true,
what if this is all a game, and
I didn't catch the clue?
What if this soft heart of mine
fell of one fine jokester,
who really just wants to see
me wallow in utter misery?
That joy that lives inside my heart
is slowly fading... and departs,
as I look at this late hour.
How could I let myself believe
anyone would want this ugly flower?
Maybe you got lost I say,
maybe you could not find the way.
But then I realize that can not be
for you taught this warm path to me.
And so I wait and feel my heart
begin to break as the seconds pass along
Just one more fool who fell for your romantic song.
-Olsen Potter-


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The Falsity of Love

When we love someone it always seems
to be the remedity to our needs,
our dreams are better,
we fly higher,
when we love someone purely.
Yet by fault of human nature
for man is a strangly creature
the one we love hurts us so
that we begin to let our love go.
Until one day we look again
our dreams are shattered
our wings are tattered
our once loving accepting heart,
now torn to sheds, ripped apart
"Never Again" we swear to ourselves
and so it happens day by day
people lock their hearts away
and throw away the key
thinking love was not meant to be.
-Olsen Potter-

Dia do Momento  

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Dia do Momento,

Life is but a group of moments
Gathering scenes of love and beauty
during the Day of Today.
No Morte
we can see, as our heart lay bleeding,
that we have not loved enough,
laughed enough, Viveu enough.
Vida Curta
guides us along our way
Leading by the hand of Destino
leaving to mourn
Na Solidão

-Olsen Potter-