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The Idea of doubt
There lingers in each of us
something like a passion,
a desire for that which we envision
a want to succeed, beat our fears into submission.

Doubt comes creeping, with a host full of friends
Lasiness, Cowardish, even Restlessness come along for the ride
they enter our minds, entertain our thoughts
with shows of utter disgrace.

Lasiness sits right next to you, whisper sweet rejections in your ear.
Cowardish just a row ahead, ducking at very action and whim.
Restlessness makes you go crazy, with her talk of enduring decit.
yet the worse of all of these ladies, is that of Miss Questioning.

She comes dressed in her best, she's out to kill
to remove any sign of intellagent life.
First she seduces, then she muses over the stress and the strife.
and before you can see
she's a rooted tree
sucking your enegry
and giving back nothing.

Friends, heed! Beware of her tricks
She will enter your house, and you'll never remove her
once you start with doubting
you can never ever win...

-Olsen W. Potter-

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I was trying out a new style while writing this, I was trying to create a connection between words and people in our lives. Hopefully it worked, if not then I will just have to try again because I will not let Miss Questioning ruin my desire to write!

11/02/2005 7:21 PM

This has imagry very simaler to my poems on depression.
Artists often describe their inspiration as a muse and it would only make sense that there be a muse for doubt as well.

This is way more linear than any of your poems so far, I really like it.

11/02/2005 10:33 PM

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