Tubes and Books  

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Driving today,
a friend saw me
I looked like a rocker
she said
maybe because I need a shave.

Class, well it's ok
I wish I could just get it over with
like some pregant rock heaved upon my back I carry around my work
Crazy, Psyctic, and Mad
are really the only words for it.

My mother is sick
breathing through tubes
that twist and turn until they create a mask that I can't see through
to kiss my mother on the forehead and tell her
she'll be alright.

Negetive is a big word,
sincere maybe?
a little dark perhaps
Its hard to let the sunshine through when your covered by the dark clouds of a storm.

I'm devouring my book
I'm a monster when it comes to reading
my hand like machine turn the pages,
while my eyes,
huge round lasers,
scan the page and swallow all that black print.

Ah, let the books like rivers flow,
into my mouth and brain!

A friend saw me driving today
she said
I looked like a rocker
little did she know,
I was listening to Brazil...

Give me back  

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Oh give me back my heart so dear,
and my love that I may hear,
the voice inside that gives me joy
and leads me in my rightful track.

My love for all was once strong,
and now it is but small and gray,
I wish that things hadn't been this way,
but doubt destroys the truest heart.

Oh give me back that heart of mine,
that I may see its life fulfilled.
Thy tongue is soft,
thy journey long,
but give me back this heart of mine.

Olsen W. Potter


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Sometimes when I'm walking
I close my eyes
I close my eyes to change my surrondings
to something pleasant.
You, of course, are always there
with your smile.
Usually its in a forest, or at least some trees
I sit on the ground.
I can hear a lake somewhere near
lapping sounds abound.
I hold your hand while I sit
you squeeze it sometimes.
Then I open my eyes and it all goes away,
this wasteland of love
fills my eyes.

Olsen W. Potter

Let it be me  

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Let it be me;
the one in your dreams;
Let it be me;
your first love,
Let it be me;
that occupies your thoughts,
Let it be me;
the one you want to marry.

Let it be me;
the one who takes away your pain.
Let it be me;
your confidentant,
Let it be me;
the one you always kiss,
Let it be me;
your one great love.

Let it be me;
no one else,
Let it be me;
the one you think about when you sleep,
Let it be me;
when you shower, the one in your imagination,
Let it be me;
your first Man.

Let it be me;
always me,
Let it be me:
your love.

Olsen W. Potter

Yellow Dress  

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You were dancing in your yellow dress
red and blue lights reflected in your eyes.
I was wearing black,
such a cliche way to dance.

We started off together
dancing the Tango.
All that was missing
was that rose in your mouth.

I remember then the pace picked up,
you lead the way in the salsa.
The slit in your dress went all the way up,
our audience was memorized.

I wasn't that good of a dancer,
but with you as my partner,
we danced like no other.
They didnt want the night to end.

Little beads of sweat,
like rain drops on a rose,
graced your stunning brow,
I wiped them off for you.

And so we danced, and danced, and danced,
until the lights grew dim.
Then in the shining darkness
I kissed you on the lips.

Olsen W. Potter

Life as an artist  

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I live painting a picture
in my mind of you.
You wear a pink blouse
and tan jeans.

Your hair is jet black
down around your ears it hangs.
It's so real that I almost want to reach out
but its a painting, nothing more.

Your lips are red
like the brightest crayon in the box.
Tempting, begging, puckering
for one simple kiss.

Your body, a painting of perfection
that Leonardo can not out do.
The way your body flows
even standing still.

Your smile holds me spellbound
my paintbrush still in hand,
how could I even try
to paint it like it is?

Whenever I am lonely
your eyes draw my attention;
brown holes of eternity,
swirling love and lust together.

I live painting
a portrait of you
and hope that before I die,
I can show it to you...

Olsen W. Potter