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Life sucks

This morning I woke up,
had no desire to leave my bed
I could feel today really would

But I had work to do, I had to go
so I got in my car and drove
hit a cat on my way
the blood splated against my wheels.

I called my girl, she was mad
I hadn't done all I could I guess
she treated me like a brazillian dirt
the lowest form of love there is.

So then I did my homework
I thought I would finish tonight
I was wrong, I got screwed
all by myself I trudge through.

My work, dont get me started
the kid peed on my shoe
then they took away my favorite
and gave to some loon.

What do I do now I ask?
Where do I go from here?
Why do I try to be happy?
Who can I turn to now?


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The dark
gathering, biding, lurking
waiting for a time to get me
get me all alone.

The vision I keep having
of myself attacking
those I love, those I treasure
and even my own self.

The fingers I keep losing
the blood I keep tasting
arising in the morning
a taste of steel rest in my memory.

Can you feel it?
the hot blood streaming down your body?
feel it cool, it congeal,
leaving traces of desperate wanting.

Stab in the heart, why aren't I dead?
The pain, like an ember,
sizzles and sears my soul
Again I ask, Why aren't I dead?!

-Olsen w. Potter-


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The Idea of doubt
There lingers in each of us
something like a passion,
a desire for that which we envision
a want to succeed, beat our fears into submission.

Doubt comes creeping, with a host full of friends
Lasiness, Cowardish, even Restlessness come along for the ride
they enter our minds, entertain our thoughts
with shows of utter disgrace.

Lasiness sits right next to you, whisper sweet rejections in your ear.
Cowardish just a row ahead, ducking at very action and whim.
Restlessness makes you go crazy, with her talk of enduring decit.
yet the worse of all of these ladies, is that of Miss Questioning.

She comes dressed in her best, she's out to kill
to remove any sign of intellagent life.
First she seduces, then she muses over the stress and the strife.
and before you can see
she's a rooted tree
sucking your enegry
and giving back nothing.

Friends, heed! Beware of her tricks
She will enter your house, and you'll never remove her
once you start with doubting
you can never ever win...

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Tis better to have loved

I lost the love of my life tonight,
what hollow darkness I am in.
yet come to mind, like doubt covered arrow,
is the phrase we all know within.

Tis better, I hear them start to say
I already shut my ears
It's like no one knows any other words
or else they're just blooming idiots.

I'm not trying to be mean
thats not my point
but dont you think that after 100 years
the same old phrase would go "Ka-put"?

Maybe I'm just depressed
singing some solitary sad song
tapping a tune to the absence of the moon
screaming out loud at the sun.

It does no good to pout
no good to sit and wallow
still, I dont feel a like walk in a golden meadow,
a red rampage of carnage is more desiring.

So when you hear some one say
I lost my love today,
say something useful, hopeful, and smart
something, anything, other then this
"Tis better to have loved and lost"!

-Olsen W. Potter-