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Isn't water romantic? doesn't your heart beat in the myst? What better place could there be for two lovers, who dont want to be found?
Just around the corner from where my father grew up, there a small little town, with a small little road, but today there is no one around
so if we go through that town, and follow that road for awhile, we'll find at its end a place thats just ours....a waterfall long forgetten.
Come with me, please? Follow me there? It's where I have always dreamt I would ask my love to wed.
come with me? I'll meet you there, with a ring and a question to ask.... Come if your answer is yes....

-Olsen W. Potter-

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You are one hardcore romantic.
Who ever you wrote this for must be one lucky girl.

10/01/2005 7:39 PM

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