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Words on a page, emotions anew
Releasing the tension, purging the blue
feelings of life, relaxing the mind
in a world of make believe.

Anger runs rampant, yet nothing it hurts
Invy can thrive, until your heart bursts
Love can soar high in the unlimited sky
its all in our mind, words on a page

The pen and the paper, gods greatest gift
to those who master the language of myths
unlocking a teasure, the secret of youth
words live on forever, immortalizing our lives.

Words are just pictures, symbols, and cues,
that mix our emotions, passions, and hues,
by which we see life through untainted eyes
the poet, our master, our true guide in life.

Unheated passion, a boring emotion,
brought to mean something, with the right description,
can unlock in ourselves the love that we feel
or by chance we look deeper, and find our true selves.

Words are nothing, just stuff on a page
but strangely enough they make our lives change
we must be careful in writing, in scribing our thoughts
the effect is unknown, what might they cause?

-Olsen W. Potter-

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This is my favorite so far.
I would like to elaborate on it but I am too perplexed right now.

9/02/2005 10:21 AM

The thing I like about this poem is that it goes back and fourth between two context, the context of the self, an introspective context, and a global context, and talking about how ones words would effect the world. I like that pattern a lot because it is how everything works with people, it always starts within and works its way out, even on a global level.

I also really like the use of color words and action words in this poem as well as the ryming of vowels.

9/09/2005 10:39 AM

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