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Lets escape this sad reality,
come with me into my dreams
where the only thing that matters
is this love we share, you and me.

Lets escape from a world of sorrow
from a world where gravity shatters flight.
away into the sky I would take you
away sin and doubt.

Lets escape, runaway, flee from this monster
a monster that prohibites our destiny
destiny divine that showers us with love
come away with me, come away

Come into my world, the world I have made
for us to abide in sweet Venus's care
Cupid adores us, Hades resents us
because of this home that we share.

Home is where your heart lies
or so they say
but I believe home is where love
sets you free...

-Olsen W. Potter-

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Talk about romantic revelry!

Beautiful images, I espesialy like the classical references of Venus, Cupid, and Hades.

10/01/2005 7:35 PM

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