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Who would say that you're not loved?
Who would have the courage to do that?
Who would want you to live a life unloved?

Who could say that I can't love?
Who would open their mouth so wide?
Whoever said it must be jealous,
They can't understand what we feel.

Then I want to say that you really are
a person extremely blessed.
Theres a poet, well at least he tries,
that loves you with his life.
Theres a painter that just thinks about you
everything he does, he does for you.

He tries to write, place the words in the right order,
but the love runs so deep that the words run away.
How can he write, or paint for that matter,
that which conveys the faithfulness, the happiness, and the passion?

And so he stays, without being able
painting a picture that can't show,
writing a poem that can't say,
everything he holds inside.

Now then, Whoever says that you're not loved
doesn't know anything at all.
Because this man loves you more then anyone else
he just doesn't know how to express...
I love you.

-Olsen W. Potter_

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It is interesting how circumstances can be so horrible but that people can find this essential hope by looking into each other.

I am very sure that God made people not to just look to him as a source of hope, but to be an extension of that hope for each other.

Merry Christmas, Olsen.


12/25/2005 12:16 PM

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