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The Falsity of Love

When we love someone it always seems
to be the remedity to our needs,
our dreams are better,
we fly higher,
when we love someone purely.
Yet by fault of human nature
for man is a strangly creature
the one we love hurts us so
that we begin to let our love go.
Until one day we look again
our dreams are shattered
our wings are tattered
our once loving accepting heart,
now torn to sheds, ripped apart
"Never Again" we swear to ourselves
and so it happens day by day
people lock their hearts away
and throw away the key
thinking love was not meant to be.
-Olsen Potter-

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Your poetic language is so natural...I cannot put my finger on it.

I can never make a poem sound natural without making it into a cliche, but that is what you do, it is a very rare, and subtle gift.

This poem is very revealing.

8/27/2005 9:10 PM

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