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A Fools Heart

I breathe, my heart strangely mixed,
with joy so great and yet
I half guard myself from hoping
that this dream of mine is true,
what if this is all a game, and
I didn't catch the clue?
What if this soft heart of mine
fell of one fine jokester,
who really just wants to see
me wallow in utter misery?
That joy that lives inside my heart
is slowly fading... and departs,
as I look at this late hour.
How could I let myself believe
anyone would want this ugly flower?
Maybe you got lost I say,
maybe you could not find the way.
But then I realize that can not be
for you taught this warm path to me.
And so I wait and feel my heart
begin to break as the seconds pass along
Just one more fool who fell for your romantic song.
-Olsen Potter-

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I didn't want to comment on every one of your poems, but that is what I am doing...I like them a lot.

If you want me to quite down, just say so.

All of these show that there is a lot going on inside of you...they are so natural, I don't know how you do it, they are very real.

Beautiful words, Olsen.

8/27/2005 9:18 PM

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