My Dreams  

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I dreamt of you this night.
oh what a sweet dream it was,
like the sounds of the sea that relax me,
dreaming of you, rejuvenates me.

You were in the road,
we were walking,
then I remember glancing over
my heart stopped of overwhelming beauty.

We walked into a forest
there were tons of red Calla Lillies.
I picked one for you,
you put it behind your ear.

And then I couldn't take it,
I kissed you with the trees watching.
I think they were jealous,
they were screaming in silence.

My hands traveled your body,
they touched your soul, your life.
My tongue took away any doubts,
Your smile, a beautiful happening.

We made love on the grass.
Our bodies became one.
What a divine feeling,
it really was love.

Your eyes shined,
with the light of a women in passion.
Your gentil touch,
caused a tear of contentment.

I woke up sad,
it wasn't fair.
How can I work?
How can I live?
without you.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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As I Sit

As I sit here
5 chairs, yet only 1 full.
Little feet with little voices
Whisper giggles as little children do.

As I sit here,
white wind whipping
beyond the scratched steel doors.
Only red noses and watery eyes enter here.

As I sit here,
Older and Younger intermix
in a strange soup of learning
books and bag lunch fill the pot.

As I sit here,
a lady with a file stands,
rush, rush, rushing
across her imperfect fingernail.

As I sit here
my hand itching for relief
my mind sketching down it's thoughts.
There's 5 chairs here...
only 1 is full.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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The voice in my mind
a censureship on creativity
tells me I am nothing,
I, a bird, sings in my flight.

My family's always asking
leaving doubts of self motivation
Asking what I'm doing
a creek can erode the earth.

"why are you so different?"
voices like a cat screatching in the night
"why are you so monochromic?"
that old cliche saloon fight.

I enjoy who I am.
Sunset painted on a lonely soul
I refuse to change.
Counting grains on an aging beach.

Writing with a faithful pen
chicks hatching out of pre-used eggs
Poem that never get read
swimming in the ocean of words
and dying of

-Olsen W. Potter-


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I want more

This passion that I have
for all of your words
nothing can kill
its like thrist, hunger, and love.

Your written words
Your spoken words
Your words always leave me
with the feeling of being loved.

I look for them always
I check just to see
If I have a note from you
on phone, I wait to hear your voice.

Am I crazy?
I need to hear you say
speak your words
listen to your voice.

Never want to change
if I'm crazy, I am, thats it.
this way I find
my pearl of great price.

How good it is to love
How good it is to hear
How good it is to speak
How good it is to know

You say I'm crazy
love me then, for the fool I am
Your words make me crazy
I want more, I want more, I want more.

Need I say more?
What else can I say?
I have a passion for your words
please, dont leave me without them.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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Depression through the eyes of a lover.

I think no one loves me"
weren't those your words?
I wonder if that what you really think
because I know you're here for me.

I'm sick of saying I'm sorry
for being the way that I am,
because I am, I really am
Trying to change.

Everyone says I have so much talent
I have so much going for me,
maybe thats true, I sure hope it is
but its something that I can't see.

Dont get me wrong, I have you
I know that our love isn't something one finds everyday.
Like a calm in a stormy world of hatred
my relief, my shelter, my own.

Anger doesnt enter here,
I love you for your words.
Love would be rather one sided
if it was only when we agreed.

I feel a little out of place
I know what you see is true
yet what I see and I feel
are two very different ideas.

I see what others see of me,
I can tell that not everything is bad
but I must worry to much about things
because thats the way I feel.

Feelings that hurt,
Feelings that cut
Feelings that cause to much pain.
Feelings I can't escape from, except when talking to you.

I'm not making you
my only remedy
rather, my prefered;
like chocolate cake with strawberry tea.

What makes it so my love is blurry?
Why can't my words all agree?
How can I fully express
these feelings inside of me?

I dont hate myself
I dont hate those around me
I wont give up on my dreams
I just want you beside me.

It's like theres a devil in my ear
telling that I can't do what I want.
that devil is my country, my family, my self- doubt
but with you I feel free.

You take me to places that I never knew!
Release an anti-drepessant thats true.
You give me white wings that fly on blue skies
rather then black ones in dreary storms.

I guess what I'm trying to do with my life
is cleanse my soul from this dirt.
Rid my past of all this doubt.
Love you for the person you are.

I could keep going
on forever
my feelings for you dont end
but rather then continue I just want to say
your my love, my life, and my way.

Olsen W. Potter