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Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
when I'm older
and the sun has left my eyes
I'll understand why

Why hope can outlast depression
Why truth never changes
Why I can't refuse to believe
that everyone has some good in them.

Maybe when I'm dying
the color black finally winning
the light will enter
my mind will expand

Tell me why the rainbow's only after
the darkest cloud passes over
Tell me why even the sweetest melody
must have a deeper darker harmony
Tell me why the happiest person
also knows the pit of saddness

Maybe after I'm gone
my life just a flicker of faint fondness
People will look back and see
I try my best to overcome
to fight the fight and won.

Speak of me with love
Speak of me with a smile
Speak of me; never without mention of thee
They'll speak of you and me.

Maybe years from now
a thousand, or possibly two
I want people to still remember
that I deeply loved you.

_Olsen W. Potter_

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It is horrible how it often seems like there can be no end to the pain, the destruction, and the despair.

But darkness is weak, even from the effect of just one single candle or lamp.

12/25/2005 12:22 PM

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