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Do I Dare to Dream?

Why should I dream of love so strong?
What makes me sing a heartfelt song?
Why would one such as myself,
Ever find what lacks for everyone else?

Dare to dream, what is that?
To dream of hope and faith and joy
To dream a dream that never ends
and wake up to find I'm broken again?

Take that chance, that so called leap
Into what is the unknown Keep
Of anothers warmth and anothers peace
Why not just keep it all for me?

To dream is to wound your heart
with scars that never heal
Dreaming steals from us our own self's part
and robs us of our youthful zeal.

So do I dare to dream this night
of love that never ends?
Why, yes my friends, I dare I do,
for at least in my dreams
I find my own Happiness.

-Olsen W. Potter-


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The Warmth of an Embrace

I stand today again alone
Standing once more on my own
Yesterday were with me
What a sight you were to see
You embraced me in your loving arms
and I laughed at all your silly charms
But yesterday is always just a memory
never more will it be...
Yet in my mind I can see
and hope for the eternies.
-Olsen Potter-


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A Fools Heart

I breathe, my heart strangely mixed,
with joy so great and yet
I half guard myself from hoping
that this dream of mine is true,
what if this is all a game, and
I didn't catch the clue?
What if this soft heart of mine
fell of one fine jokester,
who really just wants to see
me wallow in utter misery?
That joy that lives inside my heart
is slowly fading... and departs,
as I look at this late hour.
How could I let myself believe
anyone would want this ugly flower?
Maybe you got lost I say,
maybe you could not find the way.
But then I realize that can not be
for you taught this warm path to me.
And so I wait and feel my heart
begin to break as the seconds pass along
Just one more fool who fell for your romantic song.
-Olsen Potter-


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The Falsity of Love

When we love someone it always seems
to be the remedity to our needs,
our dreams are better,
we fly higher,
when we love someone purely.
Yet by fault of human nature
for man is a strangly creature
the one we love hurts us so
that we begin to let our love go.
Until one day we look again
our dreams are shattered
our wings are tattered
our once loving accepting heart,
now torn to sheds, ripped apart
"Never Again" we swear to ourselves
and so it happens day by day
people lock their hearts away
and throw away the key
thinking love was not meant to be.
-Olsen Potter-

Dia do Momento  

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Dia do Momento,

Life is but a group of moments
Gathering scenes of love and beauty
during the Day of Today.
No Morte
we can see, as our heart lay bleeding,
that we have not loved enough,
laughed enough, Viveu enough.
Vida Curta
guides us along our way
Leading by the hand of Destino
leaving to mourn
Na Solidão

-Olsen Potter-