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Death by Stars:
Rushing feeling of boiling hate,
Fleeing my brain through my fingertips.
Death by Stars, Burial by Space.
Brock making fun of me
because of my homeworks fate.

Who cares what he thinks?
I know people read my blog
ok, maybe not at many as his
but I'm new, I'm refreshing,
I'm a work of bloody art!

Who needs comments?
Who wants glory?
I write because I want to
not to receive some man given trophy
Writing is a gift from god,
and as said by Mary Poppins
"Screw 'em!"

Laughing my head off
joys of forgetten friends
write and write and write and write
really who cares what a blog says?
I do.....
-Olsen W. Potter_

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I like the quirks in this poem, the little details.

I love the "Death by stars, burial by space" line, its perfect, its beautiful.

9/27/2005 9:56 PM

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