Buying a Gun with my Father  

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We entered,
not just a simple store
but a warehouse converted to
the worshipping of all things manly-

Homage to the bullet;
Shrine to the Hunter-

Two kids-cowboy boots and all-
push a cart that reads
"Customer in Training"
I stopped and wondered,
amid the countless colors of cowboy hats,
"Men in Training"
is better.

Not being a hunter,
a fisher,
an athelete;
its hard to understand just what it is
that makes a man.

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What are men, compared to rocks and mountains? Large in stature with granite heads? What makes a man a "man?" His public display of machismo? Even jerks do that. No, it’s his character, one that is not conformed to fit the views of others. That stands true in the face of pressure to reveal integrity that others lack. That is what makes a man a “man.”

7/04/2006 10:48 AM

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