My Dreams  

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I dreamt of you this night.
oh what a sweet dream it was,
like the sounds of the sea that relax me,
dreaming of you, rejuvenates me.

You were in the road,
we were walking,
then I remember glancing over
my heart stopped of overwhelming beauty.

We walked into a forest
there were tons of red Calla Lillies.
I picked one for you,
you put it behind your ear.

And then I couldn't take it,
I kissed you with the trees watching.
I think they were jealous,
they were screaming in silence.

My hands traveled your body,
they touched your soul, your life.
My tongue took away any doubts,
Your smile, a beautiful happening.

We made love on the grass.
Our bodies became one.
What a divine feeling,
it really was love.

Your eyes shined,
with the light of a women in passion.
Your gentil touch,
caused a tear of contentment.

I woke up sad,
it wasn't fair.
How can I work?
How can I live?
without you.

-Olsen W. Potter-

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