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Depression through the eyes of a lover.

I think no one loves me"
weren't those your words?
I wonder if that what you really think
because I know you're here for me.

I'm sick of saying I'm sorry
for being the way that I am,
because I am, I really am
Trying to change.

Everyone says I have so much talent
I have so much going for me,
maybe thats true, I sure hope it is
but its something that I can't see.

Dont get me wrong, I have you
I know that our love isn't something one finds everyday.
Like a calm in a stormy world of hatred
my relief, my shelter, my own.

Anger doesnt enter here,
I love you for your words.
Love would be rather one sided
if it was only when we agreed.

I feel a little out of place
I know what you see is true
yet what I see and I feel
are two very different ideas.

I see what others see of me,
I can tell that not everything is bad
but I must worry to much about things
because thats the way I feel.

Feelings that hurt,
Feelings that cut
Feelings that cause to much pain.
Feelings I can't escape from, except when talking to you.

I'm not making you
my only remedy
rather, my prefered;
like chocolate cake with strawberry tea.

What makes it so my love is blurry?
Why can't my words all agree?
How can I fully express
these feelings inside of me?

I dont hate myself
I dont hate those around me
I wont give up on my dreams
I just want you beside me.

It's like theres a devil in my ear
telling that I can't do what I want.
that devil is my country, my family, my self- doubt
but with you I feel free.

You take me to places that I never knew!
Release an anti-drepessant thats true.
You give me white wings that fly on blue skies
rather then black ones in dreary storms.

I guess what I'm trying to do with my life
is cleanse my soul from this dirt.
Rid my past of all this doubt.
Love you for the person you are.

I could keep going
on forever
my feelings for you dont end
but rather then continue I just want to say
your my love, my life, and my way.

Olsen W. Potter

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Sem nenhum comentário? Uhm...sou a primeira. Eu me lembro desse poema, tenho ele no meu pc. É um belo e longo poema. Não importa o que seu professor pense a respeito dele ou o que qq pessoa pense. Ele é lindo para quem sente como vc, para alguém que sabe o que amar e precisar de alguém para sua vida. Eu te amo por suas palavras, por seu silêncio, pelos seus acertos e erros. Te amo pq quero e preciso e desejo e careço de ti na minha vida. E seus poemas sussurram nos meus ouvidos que vc me ama, que vc precisa de mim. Se isso é bom ou ruim? Não sei. Mas sei que quero que seja assim, e será.

Te amo, meu poeta.

2/10/2006 6:49 PM

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