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As I Sit

As I sit here
5 chairs, yet only 1 full.
Little feet with little voices
Whisper giggles as little children do.

As I sit here,
white wind whipping
beyond the scratched steel doors.
Only red noses and watery eyes enter here.

As I sit here,
Older and Younger intermix
in a strange soup of learning
books and bag lunch fill the pot.

As I sit here,
a lady with a file stands,
rush, rush, rushing
across her imperfect fingernail.

As I sit here
my hand itching for relief
my mind sketching down it's thoughts.
There's 5 chairs here...
only 1 is full.

-Olsen W. Potter-

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This is my favorite of yours so far, I am not sure why, but it feels very complete.

A lot of realistic illustration and texture here.

2/18/2006 9:48 AM

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