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A pure romantic's poem

Even in a room full of people
I miss you
when alone in bed, nothing but thoughts of you
enter my head.

Dreams I dream,
the words I speak
doesnt matter who
I wish I was with you

I want to fell your body next to mine
your gentle touch caress my cheek
feel your heat combine with mine
fill me with the love I seek

Solitude, Emptiness, and Depression
all run from the very thought
that one day I will be all you need
that "For Now," will turn into "Forever"

Yours words,
even those that hurt
make me a better man
turn into someone I want to be.

I wish you could believe me
that the past had not happened
but the wishing in the world
is worth a half a black bean.

Now then can my worth increase?
become Diamonds instead of rice?
I'm seeking always for that answer
"always Learning" to quote you.

Love, to me, is something grand
doesnt matter who you are
I may have the wrong idea of your character
but I love you anyway.

Because you inspire my voice
give my words true meaning
you force to do better
never accepting when I fail.

All I ask is that you keep doing
all that makes you happy.
I will keep progressing
until you belive me when I say
"I am the man who loves you."

-Olsen W. Potter-

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