Finding Time  

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Caressing on my hand,
soft, warm, leather-like;
thoughts of meadows and brooks
paint a landscape of sensations
on my skin.

Time, a round room with
a blowing breeze,

Pages turn creating wind,
cooling down a self-hate;

not wanted, not needed,
not here.

"Sorry I'm not in my mind right now,
call back later"


"I'm better,
call all you want!"

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This one I found to be very interesting. It gives the feeling that the person was presented with something that they were not yet ready for, but after contemplating found they were. Perhaps distancing themselves at first, but realizing the distance to be too far in the end. I found it very intriguing and each time I read it something different jumps out at me.

7/20/2006 11:53 AM

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